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M. Zuhdi Jasser
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Articles by M. Zuhdi Jasser

Title Publication Date
Why we need the Muslim Reform Movement Spectator Australia March 23, 2019
The New Mexico Militant Jihadi Training Compound and Child Abuse is the tip of the National Islamist Iceberg August 9, 2018
Mohammad Tawhidi: Shirazi's Taqqiya Man (Charlatan) July 26, 2018
The Muslim Brotherhood's Global Threat House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform July 11, 2018
Unintended Consequences: M103 Harms all Canadians, especially Muslims Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage October 30, 2017
The identity struggle within Islam October 4, 2017
Radical Islam: we must talk about more than ISIS Asia Times August 22, 2017
Female Genital Mutilation: American Muslim Physician Says Stop Defending the Abuse of Girls and Women Gatestone Institute June 26, 2017
Is Mohammad Tawhidi the Imam we've been waiting for? Asia Times May 10, 2017
There's An Emerging 'Alt-Jihad' Movement In The U.S. Independent Journal Review March 15, 2017
The Muslim Reform Movement: Even more necessary a year in Asia Times December 6, 2016
The DNC Will Be Betraying Reformist Muslims If They Pick Keith Ellison As Chairman Independent Journal Review November 25, 2016
After Qandeel Baloch's murder, is the world finally waking up to 'honor killings'? Asia Times August 5, 2016
Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts To Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary June 28, 2016
The Moral Imperative to Prevent-Not Just Name-Genocide Religious Freedom Project April 27, 2016
It's Not 'Islamophobic' to Protest a Pro-Hamas Speaker National Review Online April 6, 2016
Fighting for Victory against Islamism National Review Online December 16, 2015
Russia Should Embrace Its Religious Diversity The Moscow Times July 26, 2015
Nations Must Repeal Blasphemy Laws The Huffington Post February 3, 2015
I was bullied for criticizing Hamas AZ Central August 23, 2014
How to loosen Boko Haram's hold on Nigeria Christian Science Monitor May 8, 2014
The fifth commandment is more than a directive Deseret News April 20, 2014
Getting Assad regime out serves American interests The Orange County Register August 26, 2013
Threading the needle of democracy in Egypt Jewish News August 7, 2013
Uproar over 'Rolling Stone' cover photo missed real story AZ Central July 23, 2013
Obama must hold Myanmar's Thein Sein accountable for human rights violations The Christian Science Monitor May 20, 2013
We Should Have Heeded the Warning Signs of Islamist Antisemitism The Jewish Press May 17, 2013
Muslims need to own how they're portrayed AZ Central May 3, 2013
Moderate Muslims Must Oppose Islamism National Review Online: The Corner April 20, 2013
Bahrain's Choice Roll Call March 15, 2013
Where is the US Government in defense of Pastor Abedini and religious freedom? Fox News January 27, 2013
Government Should Protect Nonbelievers Richmond Times-Dispatch January 20, 2013
America must protect religious freedom abroad Fox News January 20, 2013
No human rights without religious freedom The Washington Times September 27, 2012
Why 'tough love' is best answer for Arab world Dallas Morning News September 26, 2012
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks awakened us to a 'battle for the soul of Islam' The Washington Post September 18, 2012
Ramadan and religious freedom The Washington Post August 1, 2012
The twin faces of Islam The Arizona Republic June 23, 2012
Blasphemy bans threaten 'Arab Spring', religious freedom The Hilll May 16, 2012
"We thank God every day for the NYPD" Metro New York March 5, 2012
Moral relativism poses threat to Muslim women The Arizona Republic March 4, 2012
Of films and fear The New York Post January 29, 2012
The Center for American Progress Fear, Inc. Report Family Security Matters November 16, 2011
'Leaders' who fail the Awlaki test The New York Post October 10, 2011
Ten Years - We Are Still Missing the Lessons of 9/11 Fox News September 10, 2011
The Islamist Threat Inside Our Military The Wall Street Journal August 19, 2011
Syrian Reform Starts At Home Big Peace May 28, 2011
Next step after bin Laden The Dallas Morning News May 4, 2011
Sentence will affect honor-killing message The Arizona Republic April 30, 2011
An American Muslim's View - Why Our Community Needs the King Hearings On Radical Islam Fox News March 9, 2011
A Letter to the People of Egypt from an American Muslim The Blaze February 16, 2011
American Islamists Find Common Cause with Pamela Geller American Thinker February 13, 2011
Understanding Egypt: Islamic Socialism and the Left The Blaze February 6, 2011
Why Muslims must look in the mirror The New York Post December 30, 2010
U.S. wrongly sides with Muslim teacher The Dallas Morning News December 23, 2010
CAIR Spreads Propaganda for Radical Saudis on Islam's Holiest Day Big Peace November 17, 2010
What the Muslims in America can do Des Moines Register October 6, 2010
Questions for Imam Rauf From an American Muslim The Wall Street Journal September 10, 2010
New York Times and CNN miss critical analysis of overhyped Muslim counter-radicalization video The Daily Caller August 27, 2010
Divisive debate on Ground Zero The Arizona Republic August 17, 2010
A Course on Islam Jewish News of Greater Phoenix July 30, 2010
Time to take sides The Daily Caller July 27, 2010
A Muslim Soldier Big Peace July 22, 2010
We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident Big Peace July 4, 2010
Mosque Unbecoming The New York Post May 24, 2010
American Muslims Disagree The Washington Times May 13, 2010
My Fellow Muslims, We Must Wake Up! Fox News May 7, 2010
How can we thwart future Islamist attacks? Family Security Matters May 5, 2010
Taking a Stand The Daily Caller May 5, 2010
Religious tolerance starts at home Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 27, 2010
American Muslims respond to Al-Awlaki's call for jihad The Daily Caller March 18, 2010
Failing at force protection The Daily Caller February 8, 2010
It's time to root out political Islam The Arizona Republic January 9, 2010
On-the-Job Training National Review Online: The Corner December 30, 2009
When it Comes to Islamist Terror, An Islamic Problem Needs an Islamic Solution Family Security Matters December 14, 2009
Rifqa Bary, Islam, Muslims, Shar'iah, and Apostasy (Part Two of Two) Family Security Matters September 22, 2009
Rifqa Bary, Islam, Muslims, Shar'iah, and Apostasy (Part One of Two) Family Security Matters September 21, 2009
Remembering 9/11, Eight Years Later Family Security Matters September 11, 2009
Islamists Insert Themselves into Healthcare Debate Hudson New York September 9, 2009
The Lessons of Ramadan for Muslims The Huffington Post August 27, 2009
What About the 'Jihadi' Nuclear Scientist? Family Security Matters June 18, 2009
While in Egypt, Obama Must Address Radical Islam Family Security Matters June 3, 2009
The NYC Bomb Plot: A Teachable Moment for American Security The Hill May 27, 2009
Getting Real on Shariah The Huffington Post May 11, 2009
Pious Muslims are needed to defeat Islamists The Birmingham News April 30, 2009
Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists Family Security Matters April 15, 2009
A Post-"Muslim World", Muslim World The Huffington Post February 17, 2009
The Plight of Women under Islamism Family Security Matters February 17, 2009
President Obama's Message to the Muslim World IPT News January 23, 2009
Defeating Salafism and Wahhabism the Right way Family Security Matters January 20, 2009
HLF Terrorism Case Guilty Verdict Signals a Sea Change Family Security Matters November 26, 2008
Where Does the Fight Against Islamism Go from Here? Family Security Matters November 11, 2008
Honor Killings and the Struggle of Moderate Islam Family Security Matters October 8, 2008
The Unfought War on Islamism National Review Online September 11, 2008
Action - Not Talk - is the Order of the Day Family Security Matters September 11, 2008
When It Comes to Islamism, the DNC Still Doesn’t Get It Family Security Matters September 1, 2008
As the West Sleeps, Islamists Work on Establishing a Worldwide Islamic State (Part 2) Family Security Matters August 25, 2008
As the West Sleeps, Islamists Work on Establishing a Worldwide Islamic State (Part 1) Family Security Matters August 8, 2008
What War of Ideas? Family Security Matters July 25, 2008
"Honor Killing" in Georgia CNN: Glenn Beck July 8, 2008
Islamism and the So-called ‘Muslim Voting Bloc’ Family Security Matters July 4, 2008
Chicago Tribune Misses the Mark on Radical Islamists Family Security Matters June 11, 2008
The War of Ideas (Part 2) Family Security Matters May 8, 2008
The War of Ideas (Part 1) Family Security Matters April 11, 2008
Lessons for American Muslims from the Conviction of Abujihaad Family Security Matters March 7, 2008
Radical Islamists: A clear danger Florida Times Union February 25, 2008
Slouching Toward Sharia Family Security Matters February 2, 2008
In War against Islamism, We Must Listen to the Words of Our Enemies Family Security Matters January 31, 2008
Challenge to the American Pakistani Community Family Security Matters January 3, 2008
Exposing the "Flying Imams" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2008
With Friends Like These: CAIR Reaches Out for a Setup Family Security Matters December 7, 2007
Nine-Point Guide to Discern Islamist from Non-Islamist Schools Family Security Matters November 25, 2007
Islamism on Trial Family Security Matters October 27, 2007
What Ramadan Is Really About: Atonement and Renewal Family Security Matters October 12, 2007
Ideological Standards Needed to Confront Militant Islam Family Security Matters October 1, 2007
The Muslim World Needs Advocates for Freedom, Not Democracy Family Security Matters September 30, 2007
Which Islam? Whose Islam? Part 4 of 4 Family Security Matters September 14, 2007
Which Islam? Whose Islam? Part 3 of 4 Family Security Matters September 13, 2007
Which Islam? Whose Islam? Part 2 of 4 Family Security Matters September 12, 2007
Which Islam? Whose Islam? Part 1 of 4 Family Security Matters August 24, 2007
Fascism Spares No One Family Security Matters August 9, 2007
Accommodation as an Islamist Political Instrument Family Security Matters July 27, 2007
Congressman Ellison Carries the Islamists’ Water Family Security Matters July 19, 2007
CAIR’s Islamism Revealed Family Security Matters June 14, 2007
Why The Pew Study of American Muslims is Dangerously Incomplete Family Security Matters June 4, 2007
The Mainstream Media: Islamist Facilitators RealClearPolitics April 20, 2007
The Flying Imams: A Defining Moment in American Values? Family Security Matters April 9, 2007
Treason by any other Name Family Security Matters March 23, 2007
The Not-So-Moderate Muslim Brotherhood Family Security Matters March 11, 2007
Our Government's Dangerous Partnering With the Wrong Muslims Family Security Matters February 23, 2007
This isn't prejudice The Dallas Morning News February 11, 2007
Why Are More American Muslims Not Enlisting in Our Military? Family Security Matters February 9, 2007
Why Do They CAIR about Jack Bauer? National Review Online January 29, 2007
From a Muslim outlook, imams have missed the point on flight behavior The Arizona Republic December 10, 2006
Islamofascist Rage in Seattle The Arizona Republic July 30, 2006
When Will We Learn? Family Security Matters June 29, 2006
'Cancer in its midst' The Washington Times March 29, 2006
A Moderate Voice of Muslim Pluralism with a Washington Address Arizona Republic: Plugged In March 25, 2006
Can Muslims Separate Religion and State? March 25, 2006
Dreams & Realities National Review Online February 10, 2006
Think Globally, Act Locally - Local Muslim paper prints hate cartoon December 9, 2005
American Secularism offers lesson to France The Arizona Republic November 28, 2005
Waking Up to 'Islamo-Fascism' BeliefNet.com July 17, 2005
Bin Laden's Sleight of Hand: Sign of His Decline The Arizona Republic October 31, 2004
Muslims Must Lead the War on Terror: And rise up soon The Arizona Republic October 19, 2004
Immigrants Raise Voices for Democracy The Arizona Republic October 10, 2004
A Disgrace Upon Islam The Arizona Republic September 26, 2004
Islamism, not Islam is the Problem Family Security Matters May 18, 2004

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